Refurbishing Trends

Lately I've been doing a lot of gaming over at the Battle Standard in Auburn, MA. With my models hitting the table more frequently, I've also been re-working a lot of my older models and sprucing them up: touching up missed/weak spots, enhancing/adding details, and even changing out pieces of them entirely.

Now with real kill tallies!

Although new to the Red Dragons, my Imperial Knight's upgrades (new gun arm, new shield, and added pilot) are a part of this retouching.

Refitted Dreadnought

Here, you can see I swapped my Dreadnought's powerfist for the much cooler looking chainfist. On the table, they both would just count as DCCWs - but now it's significantly more badass!

I'm getting better at painting urban rubble

And I've been doing some work on terrain pieces now, as I'm incredibly sick of painting red and terrain is an excellent way of breaking the monotony.

I'll be posting more updates of my other progresses soon.

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