According to a report posted last Friday, Games Workshop claims only 20% of its customers are gamers. To put it in a different perspective, that's only 20 out of 100 hobbyists - or simply one in five. I'm sincerely stunned at such a blatantly inaccurate statement.

Games Workshop's new logo?

How do they know what we do with our miniatures after purchasing them? They have absolutely no idea whether they're displayed on a shelf or used to game on a kitchen table - or both!

GW has admitted in its most recent financial statement: "We do no demographic research, we have no focus groups, we do not ask the market what it wants."

In fact, to further prove their lie on the matter, Games Workshop manufactures travel cases but not display cases. And what's the point in making rule books if you're pandering to such a minority?

GW is still profitable. They made around $12-million in profit last year. But their numbers are consistently going down. And they're going down because GW is in denial, overly concerned with investor returns, and hiring executives from outside the industry. If you want your stock to do better, don't bring in the CEO of Google or McDonald's - just listen to your customer base!

The very fact that GW refuses to admit that they're a gaming company is what's destroying them. Is this not common sense? They even have "Games" in their name!

I could go on and on, but it's best to just end this post by saying that they need to rectify this situation quickly. It's doing some serious damage to their already poor public relations.

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