Zombicide: Extraction or Extinction

Over the past three Tuesdays, I've been running a Zombicide mega-event. Originally it was supposed to be a one day game, but after the first five hours we realized it would take at least a weekend.

A massive 34-tile map!

The backstory came naturally to me: It's the zombie apocalypse. You have trained hard as a resistance fighter in an isolated survivors encampment; the denizens of which have come to realize that repairs and improved security are top priorities for the base. And, as luck would have it, an SOS was just received from a group of skilled survivors trapped within the nearest infected city. You and several of your comrades are being flown in to find and rescue these survivors... if they're still alive.

Humanity's last hope.

All zombie strains were in play: standard, toxic, berserker, skinner, and seeker. However, dogs and crows weren't included. Players could choose up to two characters from my collection of 66 survivors.

Heroes and villains.

Certain rules were tweaked to better fit the scenario: companions couldn't be killed and the helicopter had unlimited seating. Oh, and I concocted some additional rules...


For each unique survivor permanently placed within the extraction helicopter, the team will receive a single-use air strike which can be one of the following:
    Strafing Run
A nearby military jet is called in to clear a path for the survivors. Along a straight street, each actor in a targeted square receives 2 damage on a 2+. Buildings end the path. This effect occurs before the first player starts his/her turn.
A nearby attack helicopter is called in to focus-fire a small area with missiles. All actors within the targeted street square are killed as if hit by a Molotov. This effect occurs after the last player's turn but before the zombies' phase.

Two new tiles from Angry Neighbors feature pits. Although the rulebook doesn't state who gets the XP for zombies falling to their demise, I've ruled that since they're basically lemmings on their own turn that nobody gets it. The only exceptions are using the pits in combination with the Push or Taunt skills, which happen on a specific player's turn.

The two sniper towers and the helipad all grant vantage points. By climbing into them, you are removed from the zombies' line of sight. You do, of course, still count as a noise token.

The helicopter is manned by a nameless pilot, who has both the Ninja and Medic skills. Because the pilot has no turns of his own, a player can freely interact with him to receive healing.

The helicopter remains stationary until a player enters the helicopter and acts as a co-pilot, helping direct the pilot to another location. This requires an action, unless you have the Pilot skill. (There are only two landing zones on the map - the helipad and the open street.)

If you jump into an abandoned car during the apocalypse, there's a good chance it doesn't have a full tank of gas. Or freshly changed oil. Or inflated tires. Whatever the case, cars can be unreliable. The first time a player enters the driver's seat of a car, they roll 2d6. The total number is the amount of movements a car can make before dying. All cars (except the Muscle Car) already have the 2 Zones Per Movement skill, so if you roll a 4 and a 6, the car can make 10 movements (up to 20 zones!).

There are eight face-down loot cards scattered across the board within buildings - four are survivors and four are Aaahh! skinner cards. To flip a card is a search action. When populating buildings, do not populate the rooms containing potential survivors.

All players start within the helicopter on the helipad. If your character has the Fast Roping skill, you may start the game anywhere on the board so long as it's on a street square.


As expected, we were outnumbered very quickly. Then we spawned three abominations in rapid succession. The use of air strikes, Molotovs, and pits soon became life-savers.

There were numerous cases of zombies getting +1 action, which didn't help either. Especially when you're not expecting zombies to literally sneak up on you!

Doc, Lea, Alyana Heska, Marvin, Elsa, Joe, Miss Trish, Phil, Leeroy, Dick, and Josh.

But we stuck to the shadows, planned our strategies accordingly, and after roughly 12 hours of gaming we finally won!

As a final note, I want to give a shout out to Raymond at CoolMiniOrNot for hooking me up with so much Zombicide stuff over the years. From additional survivors to zombie booster boxes, they were all used in this game! Thanks Ray!

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