My Hypocrisy is Embarrassing

I was wrong. Very wrong. And I now see the foolishness in my previous post.

This weekend was PAX East, and I reconvened with the Cool Mini or Not team in the tabletop section. There, they showed me the errors in my thinking of Kaosball. As it turns out, I oversimplified the concept of the game and thus my imagination derailed the fun it actually is.

For $210, we got the Kaosball core set (which comes with four teams and eight ringers), plus five additional teams and 13 bonus ringers. The thing I like about the game is it can be 1v1, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1, and 2v2. And if you really want to make crazy combinations, you can do a two-player alliance match with each player controlling two allied teams. That right there gives the incentive to buy multiple teams - just to see how they mix together on the field.

Also at PAX, I ended up buying a physical copy of Mobile Frame Zero for $25. Since my childhood, I've always loved Lego. The only problem with it is once the building, vehicle, or diorama is built, there's really no use for it. There's nothing to actually do with Lego kits after completion. As such, my girlfriend and I have amassed quite a few kits that are now collecting dust on a closet shelf.

I just finished reading through the rules (which are available for free via PDF), and I must say these are probably the most oddly worded, complicated rules I've ever seen. Still, there's some saving grace foundations in there, like incorporating "systems" into your designs and utilizing differently colored dice (D6 and/or D8) for each.

After a few tests and trials, I'm sure the game will make more sense. But as it is, it's a convoluted mess. I don't regret buying it, though.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll update again once I finish painting a miniature or play a game of 40K. I've been pretty busy with conventions and work lately, so I haven't had time. Hopefully now that cons are over for the rest of the year for me, I can get back to gaming. Have fun!