Road to TempleCon

With tomorrow being TempleCon's opening day, I am pumped. Although I've been to video game and comic book conventions, this will be my first tabletop wargaming convention.

I'll be bringing the entire fully painted 3,000+ points of Red Dragons, plus the half-painted beginnings of my Arcanists/Malifaux force. I have yet to play a game of Malifaux but I'm sure Wyrd representatives will be there for demos. At PAX East last year I was finally able to play BattleTech via a demo. That was a lot of fun but it's a shame not many people play the game.

I had to freshen myself up last night with a game of Warhammer 40,000 at the Whiz. I hadn't played a game in months, and even then my experience with sixth edition hasn't been that fantastic to start with.

We played a four-way "carnage" game (every man for himself, kill points and single 5-point objective). I came in close second as I believe the final score was 5-4-2-0.

I achieved kill points very quickly by blowing up three tanks in my first turn and a fourth tank in my second turn. After that, there wasn't much more I could do aside from attempt rushing the objective and taking pot-shots with a quad-gun.

However, I finally re-introduced my Librarian back into my army lists. I haven't really used a psyker in probably five years, if not more. I ended up manifesting Enfeeble on the Biomancy table, and - oh man - it is awesome! I knew it nerfed enemy units but I had no idea how useful it was.

The card represents a crater.
Example: The opponent to my left had a squad of Imperial Guardsman sandwiched between two Leman Russ Demolisher tanks. Since I had nothing else in range of my Librarian, I decided to cast it on them with the expectation of just slowing their movement due to treating all terrain as difficult. In the same turn, I blew up one of the tanks, which caused an explosion that encompassed the Guardsmen... who had a -1 penalty to their already-low Toughness. Imagine my surprise when I unexpectedly almost wiped out an entire squad in addition to a tank!

My Chapter Master also had the 'Storm of Fire' Warlord trait, which he cast on my Devastator squad in turn two. The best part about this is that my army uses the Imperial Fists tactics, which grants Tank Hunters to my Devastators. My sergeant is able to forgo his shooting to boost the multi-melta Marine's BS to 5. With 'Storm of Fire' cast on them, the whole squad re-rolls missed to-hits. Needless to say, my left opponent's other Leman Russ blew up from a barrage of incoming missiles and melta shots. Now that's synergy, baby!

So after last night's throw down, I'll definitely take a Librarian in future lists. They're awesome in this edition and really fun. And I'll have more pictures and battle reports posted on here after TempleCon this weekend. Hope to see you there!

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