Return from TempleCon

TempleCon was a blast. Days later, I'm still recovering. Honestly, I'm a bit bummed that I could only go on Friday and Saturday. Still, though, it was so much fun. Next year I'll plan for Sunday too.

While I wasn't able to get a game of 40K in (for various reasons), I did get to play Zpocalypse, Zombicide, Sedition Wars, and AEGIS.

There was a raffle for the Rhode Island Food Bank to which I donated $5 and won a Herald of Tzeentch ($40 value). I also spent an exuberant amount of money on Dropzone Commander ($442).

Preview of the underside of a Resistance truck.
And speaking of which, I want you to know just what an incredible company Hawk Wargames is. Created by a guy named David Lewis, Dropzone Commander is probably the most cinematic and detailed tabletop game I've ever seen. It offers rules that let you demolish buildings, properly scaled 10mm models that are 'obsessively' detailed, and a product line that expands at a rapid rate. They're even planning on adding a fifth faction soon called the Resistance.

The starter kit features an all-plastic range of models for the UCM (United Colonies of Mankind) and Scourge factions. My girlfriend jumped aboard and commands the Scourge. I opted for the resin PHR (Post-Human Republic) "mega army" deal. Since we were spending so much, they threw in an extra rule book ($23 value) and a Ruinscape terrain pack ($45 value). And that's on top of all the Cityscape pop-up buildings and streets posters that come in the starter kit!

Starter kit + extra rulebook!

Additional terrain pack!

But as great of an event as TempleCon was, it did have some drawbacks. First, I was very disappointed with the lack of exhibitors. The event was dominated by Privateer Press, with indie companies Hawk Wargames and Zephyr Workshop on the sideline. CMON had a large booth but I can't decide whether they're publishers or developers. But where was Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast, Catalyst, or Wyrd? They missed out on quite an opportunity here.

Second and third, the hotel layout and parking weren't very good. I heard that there were several floors dedicated to TempleCon, but I never left the ground level. The parking lot filled up very quickly. Most people ended up ordering from the caterers rather than risk giving up their parking spot to travel elsewhere.

But, aside from those few complaints, the event was an incredible time and I can't wait for next year!

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