Typhus Strikes Back

This week I played against Chaos Marines lead by Typhus, again. A different player than before but a similar army. I have a feeling that Typhus is a must-have with their latest codex. In battle he definitely seems durable and lethal.

Back with a vengeance.

This time around, the player (Brandon) attached Typhus to a squad of Plague Zombies. Oddly enough they seemed much more difficult to whittle down than last game's squad of Plague Marines. Possibly due to numbers? My initial reaction was appropriate: Drop an Orbital Bombardment down into the middle of them. Unfortunately it scattered way off course... and landed on my own Drop Pod and Dreadnought, destroying the Drop Pod and awarding my opponent First Blood.

Like a hawk spotting prey.

And monstrous creatures... oh, how I despise monstrous creatures! Brandon fielded a Daemon Prince of Nurgle, and kept a Great Unclean One in reserves but thankfully it never really got into the game. It came in on turn four after failing all prior reserve rolls but then mishapped on its deep strike and I placed it practically off the board.

Amazing deep strike to the quad-gun.

Despite my Dreadnought rusting into a scrapheap, it wasn't entirely in vain. I had decided early on to sacrifice him by having my Drop Pod come in right in front of the Aegis Defense Line. Knowing my heavy flamer would ignore any cover saves and the Plaguebearers would counterattack with a following assault, I used him to kill off as many of the Lesser Daemons as possible until my Assault Squad could deep strike in and take control of the quad-gun. Incredibly, they landed on-target and began using it to wreck Brandon's Rhinos.

Typhus has a posse.

On turn three Typhus and his Plague Zombies charged into melee, killing an Honour Guard and a Chapter Champion in the first assault phase. My Chapter Master and his one remaining Honour Guard held their own for a turn but were eventually slain.

I should've rushed it sooner.

And the Relic that was vied for in the middle of the table went to Brandon. My Terminators disembarked from their Land Raider Crusader in the hopes of assaulting the Chaos Marines but failed their charge distance by a couple of inches, and so in the following turn Brandon's Daemon Prince - having just killed a five-man tactical squad - intercepted and slaughtered the Terminator squad.

It was a good game, and although he won First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and holding the Relic, we both agreed it was probably due to my horrible rolling. I think he still would've won even if my rolling had been better but at least the gap in Victory Points wouldn't have been so big.

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