Chaos Crushed

I had my first game tonight with the new Space Marines codex against Chaos Marines and absolutely steamrolled them. In a 1,000-point Emperor's Will match, we went 9-2.

The Chaos Marines were lead by Typhus and composed of two squads of Plague Zombies, a squad of Plague Marines, a squad of Chosen, and two Helbrutes.

Typhus vs. Shinra

My opponent conceded in turn five, but I insisted we kept going for fun just to have our commanders face off. After five additional turns, Shinra was cut down by a bloodied Typhus.

The main reason I won was because of how weak the Zombies were. On the first turn, I called down an orbital bombardment on one squad followed by a Dreadnought in a Drop Pod to slaughter the other. The Chosen, Plague Marines, and Helbrutes were picked off quick enough with krak missiles and lascannons.

But in the name of fairness, I will note that my opponent had never played 6th edition before and was unaware of the points reduction Helbrutes received via errata. Thus his list was only 990 points.

Overall it was fun, though an extremely one-sided battle. I'm a bit bummed that I didn't get to unleash the full potential of my Chapter Master in melee combat, but hopefully next game.

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