Salvation is at Hand

With all the rumors narrowing down, it looks like the upcoming Codex: Space Marines will be a dream come true. About half the changes in it won't affect my army, but the other half that does is all positive. The only exception is Drop Pod transport capacity decreasing from 12 to 10 - which I saw coming anyway, since all variant chapters have been at 10 for a while now.

My favorite rumors so far:
  • All Marines reduced in cost by 2 points.
  • Scout squads are 10 points cheaper.
  • Cost of relic blades dropped by 5 points.
  • Cheaper Predator tanks.
  • The return of the mastercrafted weapons upgrade!
  • Camo cloaks grant a 6+ cover save in the open.
  • The insanely good army-wide special rules.
  • Five-man squads may have a special or a heavy weapon.
  • Eternal Warrior is an upgrade option?!
  • Power weapons stayed the same cost.

With such great new features, I'll be able to stand my ground better and be able to put more into my army. I'm very, very excited for its release in a week or two!

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