Reinforcements Have Arrived

Unfortunately, I've been unable to get a game in for a couple of months now. My LGS has been hosting tournaments and leagues, which have siphoned away the gamers and any available gaming tables whenever I try to throw down. And since I am absolutely terrible at competitive play, I've been leaving the Whiz early to come home and paint.

Including most of my finished terrain pieces, here's a picture of every single fully-painted model I own. Some of which were re-painted since my last full army shot.

Full Force • 2013

Full Force • 2010

Granted, my force from three years ago was also admirable, but has clearly grown into a monster. It's comparison pictures like these that make Games Workshop investors ecstatic.

Anyway, I'll probably get a game in soon since the current league is winding down. As always, I'm looking forward to losing!

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