Emperor's Light vs Shadow in the Warp

Finally got a game in last night. It was against Blake's Tyranids. I hadn't faced them in years, so I made an all-new list to combat them. It could've used a little more tweaking, but it served its purpose and I won with it. Although I've faced Tyranids before, I'd never encountered such a psyker-heavy force. I didn't even know Tyranids had psykers aside from Zoanthropes.

I will say, though, that my Land Speeders came in via deep strike and mostly landed on-target, inflicting vital wounds on enemy creatures. My Predator and Whirlwind only got one round of firing before being blown up by a flying Hive Tyrant. It was ugly. Very ugly.

Raveners attacking my Land Raider. Good luck rolling 7s.
Around turn three, Blake forgot that Raveners couldn't even glance AV14 on a rending hit and had his unit assault my Land Raider Crusader instead of my Rhino. Next turn, the Land Raider reversed, opened fire, and pretty much annihilated the entire unit. It was pretty awesome.

"Reverse! Open fire!"

My squad of Terminators also disembarked that turn and assaulted a Tervigon, punching the monstrous creature into mush.

This is going to hurt.

Alas, a Swarmlord slaughtered the squad holding my deployment's objective. It took two lucky turns worth of movement and running for a second squad to reach and retake it, just as the game ended.

It was a good game that I just barely won by a single victory point. We both held an objective, we both slew each others Warlord, and neither of our units were in enemy deployment zones. My success was achieved solely by getting First Blood. I look forward to facing Tyranids again, as they're a very interesting army to play against. I had almost forgotten that.


Reinforcements Have Arrived

Unfortunately, I've been unable to get a game in for a couple of months now. My LGS has been hosting tournaments and leagues, which have siphoned away the gamers and any available gaming tables whenever I try to throw down. And since I am absolutely terrible at competitive play, I've been leaving the Whiz early to come home and paint.

Including most of my finished terrain pieces, here's a picture of every single fully-painted model I own. Some of which were re-painted since my last full army shot.

Full Force • 2013

Full Force • 2010

Granted, my force from three years ago was also admirable, but has clearly grown into a monster. It's comparison pictures like these that make Games Workshop investors ecstatic.

Anyway, I'll probably get a game in soon since the current league is winding down. As always, I'm looking forward to losing!