I'm Waking Up

I seem to have fallen out of my weekly 40K gaming routine. Never thought that'd happen. I've been staying in the loop, however, checking rumors sites daily and I've been working on my Land Raider Crusader feverishly. After six months without gaming, I finally got a game in last night against Gil's Necrons.

Live to rise.
I put up a good fight but ended up losing ground quickly around turn four. Gil's tactics were good, but the Necrons themselves are just... too damn good. The Stormlord's ability to keep the game in night fight was torture on my mostly-ranged army. And with the ability to re-roll a die once per phase kept the battlefield dark until turn five.

The lightning attacks caused by the Stormlord barely did anything - at most it killed maybe two Marines in the entire game. It's a power that has so much potential on paper but when in practice doesn't seem to do much more than scare an opponent.

I had a few lucky moments. Most of my scatter rolls were on-target which proved especially beneficial for deep strikes.

I might be bleeding,
but I'm still breathing.
I also learned that my Chapter Master can slaughter Scarab Swarms in melee combat "like a boss". Before having his 2+ armor save stripped, he was able to single-handedly take out four Swarms. Even after relying solely on his 4+ invulnerable, he took out another two Swarms before finally succumbing to the tiny metal monsters.

The ancient's arrival.
A Drop Pod escorted a Dreadnought onto the battlefield, which opened fire upon landing and obliterated a handful of Necrons before eventually moving into melee combat and picking off one or two per round. It was satisfying to watch them get crushed.

But in the end, I was overrun and lost the objective. I just didn't have the proper weaponry, or units, to handle the reanimated skeleton robots. Next time I'll take way more flamers, and make sure to use my blast weapons against the Scarabs.