Back from PAX East

As awesome and fun as PAX East was this year, I have to admit its Warhammer 40,000 aspect was severely lacking and disappointing. All three days I brought my army. And all three days there were probably eight players, if not less.

I wish - so much - that they had advertised it better. There was no mention whatsoever of free play on the schedule or web site, which naturally hurt the potential number of participants.

A player from my local gaming store, Chris, won the 40K tournament for the second year in a row. While that's great for him, it's also a reminder of the "small world" effect. I could battle Chris any Tuesday night at the Whiz, so if I'm looking for new players to battle against, it would appear I have to look for bigger or farther events.

To make things a little more disappointing, Games Workshop apparently never had a booth booked at PAX East. Despite the fact that the official PAX East web site had a banner advertising their attendance, it must've been intended for either PAX Prime or PAX Aus.

Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who believed this falsity. All the other 40K players there believed the banner as well. Shame, really, on yet another missed opportunity by GW. On the other hand, Wizards of the Coast, Catalyst Game Labs, and Privateer Press all had booths.

I got to meet some of the Borderlands team from Gearbox Software!

Regardless of what a flop PAX East was in regards to wargaming, I had an absolute blast with my friend and girlfriend. It was so much fun and I cannot wait for next year!


GW Kills MWG

While I've never bought from MiniWarGaming, I feel they hit the nail on the head in this video about Games Workshop's new retailer trade agreement.

I can only assume this will be the death of The War Store, Bitz Barn, and many other online bits sellers. Shame on GW for cannibalizing the hobby it popularized.