PAX East 2013

Last year was my first PAX East convention, and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. After my friend Dave and I passed through the entrance, he asked me if Games Workshop was going to have a booth there. I replied that I doubted it since this was primarily a video game convention (although the recently defunct THQ made the Dawn of War, Dawn of War II, Kill Team, and Space Marine video games).

Well, as we came around a corner, imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Cosplayers at PAX East 2012

Then I saw the tabletop gaming section. Table after table of Warmachine/Hordes, Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, Magic: The Gathering, and even Dungeons & Dragons.

Unfortunately Games Workshop was only supported by volunteer fans, as they hadn't sent a single representative to help showcase their games - despite the fact that Privateer Press, Wizards of the Coast, Cryptozoic, Reaper, and many other face-to-face gaming companies had staff available.

After probably realizing their missed opportunity, this year Games Workshop, accompanied by Forge World and Black Library, have booked a booth (#6022). I can only hope that they do more than just sell stuff, like maybe run demo games or painting competitions.

Knowing there will be gaming tables, I plan on bringing my army for one of the days to play a mini-tournament. I'll undoubtedly lose all my matches, but it should still be a fun experience to meet and battle new opponents.

I wanted to make an all-new powerhouse list lead by two HQs that utilized the rules for Lysander and Vulkan but after doing the math I figured out it'd cost me roughly $35 to custom-build my own WYSIWYG models for them - and right now I'm just too broke to be able to afford it. Hopefully I'll have it done in time for PAX '14!

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