As the War Machine Turns

After months without a single game, I can finally say that I not only played but also won. Considering it was my second game of sixth edition, I'm pretty surprised. My opponent, Dan, was fielding Chaos Marines with Imperial Guard allies - two of my most despised enemies.

In a 1999+1 points 'Purge the Alien' match, the first couple turns went well for both sides. However, the battle was soon in Dan's favor as I felt the full wrath of his Chaos Lord. With three base attacks plus a Daemon weapon, I was easily facing seven attacks on the charge. Needless to say, it was a massacre.

After he slaughtered many of my Marines, he couldn't physically handle the blessings granted to him... and burst into a Chaos Spawn! With his form weakened, Chapter Master Shinra slayed him outright.

It was epic. That bit of bad luck turned the tables and my army was able to crush his Chaos Marines and Traitor Guard.

Victory Points (kills): 10-7
First Blood: Me
Slay the Warlord: Me
Linebreaker: Both
Final score: 15-8

With this much-needed win, I feel pretty rejuvenated. It's great to win a game after so long. I'm going to try to do some more modeling stuff, so hopefully I'll have some pictures of terrain or objective markers for my next post on here. Until next time!