Allies: Is Resistance Futile?

With allies making a return in 6th edition, is it possible to resist the temptation of integrating another army's units into your own? Obviously, this is a moneygrab by Games Workshop to try to sell more models. That is without doubt. And it'll probably work.

To use allies, you have to know what their stats are, so you have to buy the necessary codex ($30). Then, at minimum, you have to take an HQ ($20~) and a Troops choice ($25~). That's roughly $75 to start with.

Last night at my LGS, nearly everyone was talking about how awesome it would be to include other factions in their lists and how dirty it could be.

Even for me, when I first started this hobby, I had a hard time choosing which army to play. The starter box ultimately swayed my decision to Space Marines, but before I had settled on them I was also considering Eldar, Chaos Marines, and Tau.

Now that allies are back, it gives players like me the chance to "try" how these armies work by selecting small amounts for use within my primary army. And if GW's plan comes to fruition, it'll probably result in you buying an entire second army.

For me, I'm tempted to get a few Tau units to include in the Red Dragons as allies. Maybe even write up some background story to help explain the alliance. Will it come to pass? Only time will tell, but don't be surprised if I start posting pictures of freshly painted Tau units on here!

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