So after reading the new sixth edition rule book, I must say overall I'm pleased with the game's mechanics. Almost everything was balanced or fixed. My only complaint, however, is the extreme nerfing of vehicles.

Yes, vehicles were a pain in fifth edition. But really only if you played against Imperial Guard. Aside from that, vehicles were realistically difficult (but not impossible) to destroy.

In this new edition, the developers went overboard, I think. Now that even glances can wreck vehicles by removing "Hull Points", vehicles are considerably weaker. In fact, that makes them pretty terrible transports. If you can flank a squad of Marines behind a Rhino, you could glance it to death with bolters in a single round of firing if you're lucky enough (just need to roll three sixes).

What Dreadnoughts are supposed to be like.

Furthermore, Dreadnoughts (and all walkers) were horribly nerfed. In fifth edition, they got a slight boost by being able to move 6" and fire all weapons still. In sixth, they retain that, but with how Hull Points works, they became so fragile. What's worse, once immobilized they cannot rotate/pivot anymore. And to add insult to injury, they lose one melee attack and all hits suffered in close combat are against rear armor.

I don't understand. Dreadnoughts, especially in fluff, are supposed to be mighty, fearsome killing machines that slaughter entire squads. That's why they're an Elite choice, and 105 points base, so you can only take a few of them. But now they're just glass cannons, which sucks.

Let's look at the buffing:
-Units can disembark up to 6" instead of 2".
-Vehicles can Snap Fire if they moved.

Now let's look at the nerfing:
-AP2 weapons add +1 to the vehicle damage chart.
-AP1 weapons add +2 to the vehicle damage chart.
-Units can't assault after disembarking from a transport.
-Units within vehicles don't count as scoring units.
-Vehicles don't count as scoring units.
-Vehicles suffer from Gets Hot!, removing a hull point if they overheat.
-Vehicles can be glanced to death.
-Immobilized walkers lose an attack in melee.
-Immobilized walkers are hit on rear armor in melee.
-Immobilized walkers cannot pivot.

In summary, infantry got a lot better in this edition, but it's sad to see vehicles got so terribly nerfed that I might not even take them in lists anymore. I understand these changes were made to combat Imperial Guard armor lists, but let's face it: Don't change the whole game because one faction is overpowered.


Allies: Is Resistance Futile?

With allies making a return in 6th edition, is it possible to resist the temptation of integrating another army's units into your own? Obviously, this is a moneygrab by Games Workshop to try to sell more models. That is without doubt. And it'll probably work.

To use allies, you have to know what their stats are, so you have to buy the necessary codex ($30). Then, at minimum, you have to take an HQ ($20~) and a Troops choice ($25~). That's roughly $75 to start with.

Last night at my LGS, nearly everyone was talking about how awesome it would be to include other factions in their lists and how dirty it could be.

Even for me, when I first started this hobby, I had a hard time choosing which army to play. The starter box ultimately swayed my decision to Space Marines, but before I had settled on them I was also considering Eldar, Chaos Marines, and Tau.

Now that allies are back, it gives players like me the chance to "try" how these armies work by selecting small amounts for use within my primary army. And if GW's plan comes to fruition, it'll probably result in you buying an entire second army.

For me, I'm tempted to get a few Tau units to include in the Red Dragons as allies. Maybe even write up some background story to help explain the alliance. Will it come to pass? Only time will tell, but don't be surprised if I start posting pictures of freshly painted Tau units on here!