Event Horizon

After two months without playing a single game of 40K, and with sixth edition only days away, I managed to get in a last game of fifth edition. Despite all its flaws, silly little changes, and overpowered codexes, fifth wasn't a terrible edition. I look forward to sixth with the same unease and nervousness I had when fifth was rumored and announced.

That being said, I'm strongly against the $74.25 price tag. When I started this hobby, the rule book was a flat $50. I'll never understand how Games Workshop expects to attract new customers by drastically increasing the costs of their products, never mind keep their current players.

But regardless, the game was against Necrons in a 2,000-point Capture & Control match, and they strategically tabled me. It was truly horrifying.

Going into the battle, I had no knowledge of the new Necrons. I quickly learned about their abilities to strip USRs from my army and grant USRs to their own. Their vehicles starting with AV13 was also a surprise, especially since the last time I faced them they only had Monoliths as a vehicle option. Forcing Night Fighting rules on me was unexpected as well, but didn't end up effecting much.

Our melees lasted a few rounds each, both sides typically unable to damage or kill the other. After three rounds of combat, my Terminators finally destroyed a Triarch Stalker.

Sixes to wound; sixes to save.
After Captain Killmatic slaughtered an entire squad of Warriors in melee, he managed to inflict two wounds on a Shard before being slain. However, my captain probably would've killed it, had it not made all three of its saves!

In the end, I had only killed two of the Necron units, and my army was wiped from the battlefield. I will say that Necrons aren't overpowered, but they've got a plethora of dirty tricks and sneaky tactics. If I had more experience with them or knowledge of them, I would've stood a better chance.

Now I know for future reference. Hopefully my next game against them will go better.