Last week, I intended on writing a post about a game against Gil's Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers). Unfortunately, my Internet is still wonky and I wasn't able to get online to do it. Regardless, my army put up a good fight but lost in a 2,000-point Annihilation match. I believe the final score was 11-5.

This week the tables turned, and I got my vengeance. Using the same lists (aside from a slight unit swap in Gil's roster), we rematched and I demolished his forces.

In an objectives game, I lucked out and got first turn. I then began destroying everything he had on the field. By the end of turn seven, all Gil had left was an immobilized Furioso Dreadnought with an arm blown off, which was roughly four inches away from his home objective. My forces suffered few casualties, among them Chapter Master Shinra, Dreadnought Steve, and a Drop Pod.

The absolute highlight of the battle was my Terminators assaulting his Chaplain Dreadnought. In case you've never encountered a Chaplain Dreadnought, let me enlighten you. On the charge, they're initiative five with five attacks, get to reroll failed to-hit and to-wound, and are strength 10 power weapons. For every wound they successfully inflict, they get to make that many additional attacks immediately. Essentially, they could slaughter a 10-man squad with ease. And they have, in my last game.

Knowing my Terminators stood a chance with their invulernable saves, I daringly assaulted his Chaplain. Every attack he got landed and wounded, but my Terminators stood strong and passed every single invulnerable save they needed to survive. The sergeant failed to attach a krak grenade to the Dreadnought, but the 12 power fist attacks tore it apart.

I look forward to my next game, hopefully I'll wreck that opponent too. Doubtful though.