Insane Heroism

I'm shocked to say it, but tonight I actually managed to win a game against Imperial Guard. Using my all-new 2,000-point list in a Capture & Control match, and despite suffering heavy casualties, I barely emerged victorious.

"Put me in, coach! I can do it!"
Parked beside an objective was a Rhino with a Combat Squad sheltered within. At the end of turn five it was finally wrecked, leaving the Marines exposed. Of the five Marines that escaped the mangled vehicle, only one survived the volley of gunfire to hold the objective and win the game...

...Sergeant Markus!

The majority of my army was wiped out, and I had only a few units alive. My Chapter Master, being a true Angel of Death, slaughtered Guardsmen and even tanks in close combat.

Unfortunately, Captain Killmatic and his Assault Squad scattered and suffered a mishap during their deepstrike, putting them on the furthest table corner from all the action. He and his retinue were shot to death before they could get a chance to even shoot at an enemy unit.

I'm pleased with how the game went, overall, but I dislike how close it ended. I definitely noticed an increase in the amount of tanks and aircraft I was able to destroy. I still have more work to do on my roster and tactics, but that's the point of an experimental list.

I'll make some moderations and we'll see how my next game goes.

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