Ashes to Ashes

So the past three games I've played, I've lost. Not the best way to start the year, but perhaps for the best. Two of the three battles I fought were massive 2v2 games, whereas the third was against Space Wolves (an easy loss for me). Well, now I've been motivated to step my game up and create a badass 2,000-points army list.

In this experimental list, I deepstrike about half of my army:
—Nine Assault Marines w/ plasma pistol, power weapon & combat shield
——Captain w/ twin lightning claws & jump pack
—Drop Pod
——10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun & plasmacannon
———Chapter Master w/ storm bolter & relic blade
—Drop Pod
——Dreadnought w/ heavy flamer & assault cannon
—Terminator Squad w/ assault cannon

Outnumbering doesn't guarantee winning.
Finishing touches are a squad of sniper scouts for infiltrating or scouting, Devastator Squad, 10-man Tactical Squad in a Rhino, and an all-lascannon Predator tank. Oh, and a missile launcher/twin-linked lascannon Dreadnought for good measure.

I'm fairly proud of this list, and feel it's a powerhouse of pain for most opponents. It's in no way a leafblower list, but I think it'll stand a much better chance of winning. My only issue is finding players that have 2,000 points readily available.

Until next Tuesday, I'm going to be painting some meltagun marines. It's time to blow up some vehicles!

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