My apologies for my few and far between postings, and the fact that this one comes rather late. My new Internet connection is unstable, and the speed is reminscent of the old 56K modems. My landlord is looking into the matter.

Anyway, I recently played a game against the Grey Knights. It was an unusual match, as I expected to see at least one Dreadknight on the battlefield. On the other hand, he did field a Stormraven, a Culexus assassin, and Inquisitor (among a few squads of Grey Knights and a squad of Terminators).

In the 1,500-point Capture & Control match, I held both objectives for the majority of the game and tabled my opponent by the end of turn five! Going second finally worked in my favor.

To add to this great feat, I have to point out that even my Drop Pod's stormbolter was able to take out three Grey Knights in only two rounds of shooting.

The Culexus and Inquisitor didn't last long either, which made me feel better early on. The Terminators, however, were rather scary but I ended up surrounding them in melee with an Assault Squad, two Tactical Squads, and my Chapter Master.

In a moment of fantastic luck, my opponent had a squad of five Grey Knights teleport onto the field near my home objective. Awesomely, he scattered, and his squad landed 9" off-target towards one of my heavy weapons squads.

Yes, his squad ended up being only 1" away from my unit. Sadly for him, that unit had three bolters, a plasmagun, and a plasma cannon. Despite the odds being against me, I fired a single plasma cannon shot at them. It landed on target, and I rolled successfully for all five wounds. Without cover or invulnerable saves, his entire unit was melted!

I must admit, if it wasn't for his scatter, and the fact that my plasma shot didn't miss, the game probably would've turned out differently.

Regardless, it was a great win. I have a newfound respect for Grey Knights, especially considering how diverse and complex each of their units can be with wargear and weaponry.

I haven't tabled someone in a while, and it felt so good to do it again. I have this Tuesday off from work, so I plan on trying to get a game. I'm still working on my second Drop Pod, but free time is sparse when you have two jobs and a girlfriend. Until next time!

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