As the War Machine Turns

After months without a single game, I can finally say that I not only played but also won. Considering it was my second game of sixth edition, I'm pretty surprised. My opponent, Dan, was fielding Chaos Marines with Imperial Guard allies - two of my most despised enemies.

In a 1999+1 points 'Purge the Alien' match, the first couple turns went well for both sides. However, the battle was soon in Dan's favor as I felt the full wrath of his Chaos Lord. With three base attacks plus a Daemon weapon, I was easily facing seven attacks on the charge. Needless to say, it was a massacre.

After he slaughtered many of my Marines, he couldn't physically handle the blessings granted to him... and burst into a Chaos Spawn! With his form weakened, Chapter Master Shinra slayed him outright.

It was epic. That bit of bad luck turned the tables and my army was able to crush his Chaos Marines and Traitor Guard.

Victory Points (kills): 10-7
First Blood: Me
Slay the Warlord: Me
Linebreaker: Both
Final score: 15-8

With this much-needed win, I feel pretty rejuvenated. It's great to win a game after so long. I'm going to try to do some more modeling stuff, so hopefully I'll have some pictures of terrain or objective markers for my next post on here. Until next time!


State of the Game: 2012

With the new Chaos Space Marines codex around the corner, I think it has to be said that lately I've been feeling much more discouraged about playing.

With certain armies being "tough" lists overall, it seems a tad unfair for vanilla Space Marines. Sure, non-vanilla Astartes such as Space Wolves and Blood Angels have extremely powerful units, but standard Marines just fall flat.

And with the upcoming Dark Angels release, who knows just how much more outmatched Marines are going to be.

Let's face it: anti-tank weapons are expensive points-wise. Monstrous creatures are nearly godlike in 6th edition. And standard equipment makes a huge difference.

Take for example Chaos Marines. Yes, many players complained that GW ditched God-specific armies, and their Dreadnought got nerfed. But the first thing that stood out was their standard gear was better than a regular Marine. An extra attack in melee provided by a close combat weapon changes everything. Factor in all the crazy toys they have: monstrous creature Daemon Princes, Greater Daemons, almost all the SM vehicles (Land Raiders, Predators, Vindicators, Rhinos and Razorbacks), Obliterators, and cheaper yet more lethal Terminators. It makes me wonder just how Space Marines are supposed to successfully fight that.

And now, they're getting an updated codex, while regular Space Marines are going to be even further from competitive. This isn't to say that other codexes don't need a boost: Eldar, Tau, Tyranids, and from what I've heard Sisters of Battle was underpowered too.

It's just discouraging when I lay out my relatively formidable army, and I look across the table and see an unbeatable amount of armor, monstrous creatures, or even just overall "better" units despite being Astartes at core.



So it's been a long, long time since I've updated this blog with a post. While the battle tally is still accurate, I found that since 6th edition released, and summer vacation began, my local gaming store was literally overcrowded with new players. So much so that there were way more players than tables.

My girlfriend and I moved in together, which took up a bunch of my spare time (finally got a chance to set up a painting station though).

And then, low and behold, I got smacked in the face with three epic games around the same time: Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2, and Borderlands 2. These games have sucked away any remote chance of going to my LGS to play a game of 40K.

But once my excitement over these games slackens, and the kids are all back in school, I should be back to playing Warhammer 40,000 again. My apologies for being so busy!



So after reading the new sixth edition rule book, I must say overall I'm pleased with the game's mechanics. Almost everything was balanced or fixed. My only complaint, however, is the extreme nerfing of vehicles.

Yes, vehicles were a pain in fifth edition. But really only if you played against Imperial Guard. Aside from that, vehicles were realistically difficult (but not impossible) to destroy.

In this new edition, the developers went overboard, I think. Now that even glances can wreck vehicles by removing "Hull Points", vehicles are considerably weaker. In fact, that makes them pretty terrible transports. If you can flank a squad of Marines behind a Rhino, you could glance it to death with bolters in a single round of firing if you're lucky enough (just need to roll three sixes).

What Dreadnoughts are supposed to be like.

Furthermore, Dreadnoughts (and all walkers) were horribly nerfed. In fifth edition, they got a slight boost by being able to move 6" and fire all weapons still. In sixth, they retain that, but with how Hull Points works, they became so fragile. What's worse, once immobilized they cannot rotate/pivot anymore. And to add insult to injury, they lose one melee attack and all hits suffered in close combat are against rear armor.

I don't understand. Dreadnoughts, especially in fluff, are supposed to be mighty, fearsome killing machines that slaughter entire squads. That's why they're an Elite choice, and 105 points base, so you can only take a few of them. But now they're just glass cannons, which sucks.

Let's look at the buffing:
-Units can disembark up to 6" instead of 2".
-Vehicles can Snap Fire if they moved.

Now let's look at the nerfing:
-AP2 weapons add +1 to the vehicle damage chart.
-AP1 weapons add +2 to the vehicle damage chart.
-Units can't assault after disembarking from a transport.
-Units within vehicles don't count as scoring units.
-Vehicles don't count as scoring units.
-Vehicles suffer from Gets Hot!, removing a hull point if they overheat.
-Vehicles can be glanced to death.
-Immobilized walkers lose an attack in melee.
-Immobilized walkers are hit on rear armor in melee.
-Immobilized walkers cannot pivot.

In summary, infantry got a lot better in this edition, but it's sad to see vehicles got so terribly nerfed that I might not even take them in lists anymore. I understand these changes were made to combat Imperial Guard armor lists, but let's face it: Don't change the whole game because one faction is overpowered.


Allies: Is Resistance Futile?

With allies making a return in 6th edition, is it possible to resist the temptation of integrating another army's units into your own? Obviously, this is a moneygrab by Games Workshop to try to sell more models. That is without doubt. And it'll probably work.

To use allies, you have to know what their stats are, so you have to buy the necessary codex ($30). Then, at minimum, you have to take an HQ ($20~) and a Troops choice ($25~). That's roughly $75 to start with.

Last night at my LGS, nearly everyone was talking about how awesome it would be to include other factions in their lists and how dirty it could be.

Even for me, when I first started this hobby, I had a hard time choosing which army to play. The starter box ultimately swayed my decision to Space Marines, but before I had settled on them I was also considering Eldar, Chaos Marines, and Tau.

Now that allies are back, it gives players like me the chance to "try" how these armies work by selecting small amounts for use within my primary army. And if GW's plan comes to fruition, it'll probably result in you buying an entire second army.

For me, I'm tempted to get a few Tau units to include in the Red Dragons as allies. Maybe even write up some background story to help explain the alliance. Will it come to pass? Only time will tell, but don't be surprised if I start posting pictures of freshly painted Tau units on here!


Event Horizon

After two months without playing a single game of 40K, and with sixth edition only days away, I managed to get in a last game of fifth edition. Despite all its flaws, silly little changes, and overpowered codexes, fifth wasn't a terrible edition. I look forward to sixth with the same unease and nervousness I had when fifth was rumored and announced.

That being said, I'm strongly against the $74.25 price tag. When I started this hobby, the rule book was a flat $50. I'll never understand how Games Workshop expects to attract new customers by drastically increasing the costs of their products, never mind keep their current players.

But regardless, the game was against Necrons in a 2,000-point Capture & Control match, and they strategically tabled me. It was truly horrifying.

Going into the battle, I had no knowledge of the new Necrons. I quickly learned about their abilities to strip USRs from my army and grant USRs to their own. Their vehicles starting with AV13 was also a surprise, especially since the last time I faced them they only had Monoliths as a vehicle option. Forcing Night Fighting rules on me was unexpected as well, but didn't end up effecting much.

Our melees lasted a few rounds each, both sides typically unable to damage or kill the other. After three rounds of combat, my Terminators finally destroyed a Triarch Stalker.

Sixes to wound; sixes to save.
After Captain Killmatic slaughtered an entire squad of Warriors in melee, he managed to inflict two wounds on a Shard before being slain. However, my captain probably would've killed it, had it not made all three of its saves!

In the end, I had only killed two of the Necron units, and my army was wiped from the battlefield. I will say that Necrons aren't overpowered, but they've got a plethora of dirty tricks and sneaky tactics. If I had more experience with them or knowledge of them, I would've stood a better chance.

Now I know for future reference. Hopefully my next game against them will go better.



Last week, I intended on writing a post about a game against Gil's Blood Angels (Flesh Tearers). Unfortunately, my Internet is still wonky and I wasn't able to get online to do it. Regardless, my army put up a good fight but lost in a 2,000-point Annihilation match. I believe the final score was 11-5.

This week the tables turned, and I got my vengeance. Using the same lists (aside from a slight unit swap in Gil's roster), we rematched and I demolished his forces.

In an objectives game, I lucked out and got first turn. I then began destroying everything he had on the field. By the end of turn seven, all Gil had left was an immobilized Furioso Dreadnought with an arm blown off, which was roughly four inches away from his home objective. My forces suffered few casualties, among them Chapter Master Shinra, Dreadnought Steve, and a Drop Pod.

The absolute highlight of the battle was my Terminators assaulting his Chaplain Dreadnought. In case you've never encountered a Chaplain Dreadnought, let me enlighten you. On the charge, they're initiative five with five attacks, get to reroll failed to-hit and to-wound, and are strength 10 power weapons. For every wound they successfully inflict, they get to make that many additional attacks immediately. Essentially, they could slaughter a 10-man squad with ease. And they have, in my last game.

Knowing my Terminators stood a chance with their invulernable saves, I daringly assaulted his Chaplain. Every attack he got landed and wounded, but my Terminators stood strong and passed every single invulnerable save they needed to survive. The sergeant failed to attach a krak grenade to the Dreadnought, but the 12 power fist attacks tore it apart.

I look forward to my next game, hopefully I'll wreck that opponent too. Doubtful though.


Insane Heroism

I'm shocked to say it, but tonight I actually managed to win a game against Imperial Guard. Using my all-new 2,000-point list in a Capture & Control match, and despite suffering heavy casualties, I barely emerged victorious.

"Put me in, coach! I can do it!"
Parked beside an objective was a Rhino with a Combat Squad sheltered within. At the end of turn five it was finally wrecked, leaving the Marines exposed. Of the five Marines that escaped the mangled vehicle, only one survived the volley of gunfire to hold the objective and win the game...

...Sergeant Markus!

The majority of my army was wiped out, and I had only a few units alive. My Chapter Master, being a true Angel of Death, slaughtered Guardsmen and even tanks in close combat.

Unfortunately, Captain Killmatic and his Assault Squad scattered and suffered a mishap during their deepstrike, putting them on the furthest table corner from all the action. He and his retinue were shot to death before they could get a chance to even shoot at an enemy unit.

I'm pleased with how the game went, overall, but I dislike how close it ended. I definitely noticed an increase in the amount of tanks and aircraft I was able to destroy. I still have more work to do on my roster and tactics, but that's the point of an experimental list.

I'll make some moderations and we'll see how my next game goes.


Ashes to Ashes

So the past three games I've played, I've lost. Not the best way to start the year, but perhaps for the best. Two of the three battles I fought were massive 2v2 games, whereas the third was against Space Wolves (an easy loss for me). Well, now I've been motivated to step my game up and create a badass 2,000-points army list.

In this experimental list, I deepstrike about half of my army:
—Nine Assault Marines w/ plasma pistol, power weapon & combat shield
——Captain w/ twin lightning claws & jump pack
—Drop Pod
——10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun & plasmacannon
———Chapter Master w/ storm bolter & relic blade
—Drop Pod
——Dreadnought w/ heavy flamer & assault cannon
—Terminator Squad w/ assault cannon

Outnumbering doesn't guarantee winning.
Finishing touches are a squad of sniper scouts for infiltrating or scouting, Devastator Squad, 10-man Tactical Squad in a Rhino, and an all-lascannon Predator tank. Oh, and a missile launcher/twin-linked lascannon Dreadnought for good measure.

I'm fairly proud of this list, and feel it's a powerhouse of pain for most opponents. It's in no way a leafblower list, but I think it'll stand a much better chance of winning. My only issue is finding players that have 2,000 points readily available.

Until next Tuesday, I'm going to be painting some meltagun marines. It's time to blow up some vehicles!



My apologies for my few and far between postings, and the fact that this one comes rather late. My new Internet connection is unstable, and the speed is reminscent of the old 56K modems. My landlord is looking into the matter.

Anyway, I recently played a game against the Grey Knights. It was an unusual match, as I expected to see at least one Dreadknight on the battlefield. On the other hand, he did field a Stormraven, a Culexus assassin, and Inquisitor (among a few squads of Grey Knights and a squad of Terminators).

In the 1,500-point Capture & Control match, I held both objectives for the majority of the game and tabled my opponent by the end of turn five! Going second finally worked in my favor.

To add to this great feat, I have to point out that even my Drop Pod's stormbolter was able to take out three Grey Knights in only two rounds of shooting.

The Culexus and Inquisitor didn't last long either, which made me feel better early on. The Terminators, however, were rather scary but I ended up surrounding them in melee with an Assault Squad, two Tactical Squads, and my Chapter Master.

In a moment of fantastic luck, my opponent had a squad of five Grey Knights teleport onto the field near my home objective. Awesomely, he scattered, and his squad landed 9" off-target towards one of my heavy weapons squads.

Yes, his squad ended up being only 1" away from my unit. Sadly for him, that unit had three bolters, a plasmagun, and a plasma cannon. Despite the odds being against me, I fired a single plasma cannon shot at them. It landed on target, and I rolled successfully for all five wounds. Without cover or invulnerable saves, his entire unit was melted!

I must admit, if it wasn't for his scatter, and the fact that my plasma shot didn't miss, the game probably would've turned out differently.

Regardless, it was a great win. I have a newfound respect for Grey Knights, especially considering how diverse and complex each of their units can be with wargear and weaponry.

I haven't tabled someone in a while, and it felt so good to do it again. I have this Tuesday off from work, so I plan on trying to get a game. I'm still working on my second Drop Pod, but free time is sparse when you have two jobs and a girlfriend. Until next time!