Round Six: Pizza is Good

At last, the Summer League is over. I'm both disappointed and relieved.

Disappointed because my team didn't win any games. The closest we got to winning was my one draw. And relieved because now I can actually stray on the occasional Tuesday night and stay home if I feel lazy. I can finally focus more on my models and less on any upcoming games.

Deployment... we all had so many reserves!
But anyway. The final game of the league was insane. Three boards linked together, a bunch of special rules (IE, infiltrating from one table to another but can't return; teleporting from one table randomly onto another or back on itself, each player having his own secret goals, capturing a frig-load of objectives, etc.).

My team was creamed. I am quite proud though, considering my force was able to hold its own pretty well against Grey Knights until they were reinforced by another player's Grey Knights. I was able to get some assistance from a couple of Daemons units, but it wasn't enough to change the tide.

That's all, folks!
The pizza was Papa Gino's, and it was delicious. Having spent $20 to get into the Summer League, I figured I'd try to get my money's worth and had four slices and a can of Mountain Dew (still not a $20 value but made me feel slightly better about my horrendous losses).

Trophies, awards and gift certificates were given out at the end of the night. My team got an award for "Most Dedicated Team", and my teammate Dan took home the trophy for "Best Sportsman".

For now, I'm going to take it easy. Since the league is over I can chill out and relax, and work casually on my models at a leisurely pace. Feels good.

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