Analysis: Eternal Warrior

I've come to realize that Eternal Warrior is such a game-breaking USR. And probably my biggest annoyance of playing the game. There's few things I can think of, in 40K's game mechanics, that bother me as much as Eternal Warrior.

I hate, hate, hate having to whittle down three- or four-wound units that typically have incredible armor/invulnerable saves to begin with. Does Games Workshop even realize how difficult it is to land a shot, inflict a wound, and have the opponent fail his save?

The worst part about Eternal Warrior is it's typically only granted to special characters. There are rare exceptions though, such as Daemon Princes. It can't be taken as an upgrade choice either, so if you plan on making your own badass Chapter Master or Chaos Lord or Autarch or Warboss or Hive Tyrant then you're out of luck.

Whenever I see an Eternal Warrior model on the table, I have to make a choice: Focus firepower at it or completely ignore it.

Considering the only way to kill an Eternal Warrior creature is to target the majority of your shots at it and hope for the best, while the rest of your opponent's army moves in on you unopposed, I usually choose to ignore it for as long as possible. And then, once I've destroyed most of my enemy's forces, that one remaining Eternal Warrior model is left unscratched and kills off my army unit-by-unit in close combats.

So here are my solutions: Rather than completely negating Instant Death, Eternal Warrior should either A) provide a 2+ invulnerable save or B) allow the unit to re-roll any failed saves. That way, they retain their longevity on the battlefield while there's still a chance they can be killed off with a super lucky shot from the proper weapon. And even if we have to pay 100 points for the USR, give us the option to do so!

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