Round Three: Fall Back

Once again, my camera's batteries died, so I have but only one picture to post. And it's not even that good.

The blue circles and crater represented Drop Pod explosions.
I faced a Black Templar army this week. My opponent, Tyler, was once again a fantastic enemy to battle against. Very fun and I look forward to facing him again.

The rules of this week's scenario were very odd. Basically, every piece of terrain was an objective, and any unit had to be wholly within or atop it in order for it to be captured (or contested). There were other factors too, like keeping your HQs alive and destroying your opponent's most expensive unit.

At first, I was leading. With my army fully deployed and positioned, Tyler's Drop Pods were always landing in my kill zones. But then Lady Luck decided I wasn't attractive enough for her, and my rolls became horrendously bad. Yup, I caught the "all ones and twos" bug. Around turn three is when the table flipped, and Tyler had the upper hand. He soon wiped out my forces with his Terminators.

I lost so miserably, I won't even disclose the score.

Alright, I will. It ended at 30-9. Yeah, it was that bad.

I did, however, come in third place (officially) in the painting competition with my Whirlwind. So yay for me on that.

In creativity news, I've also begun writing the names of my characters on their bases in white. So far so good. I really dig having my own chapter with my own characters and fluff. The only downside is I named my Librarian as Dante, which is also the name of the Blood Angels' infamous Chaplain. People are starting to pick up on the Red Dragons name though.

Oh well. Hopefully I'll do better next week.

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