Round Four: Nothing

The Summer League isn't going well for my team. At all. We have yet to win a single match. The closest we've come to winning is a tie I had with my opponent in the first round.

We officially suck. And last night's game fared no better for me.

Just after deployment, I stole the initiative!

I was eradicating my opponent Matt's Orks in the first few turns, but eventually my army lost steam and my rolls began to fail me.

Using flamers, a heavy flamer on a deep-striking Dreadnought, orbital bombardment, Deathwind missile launcher on my Drop Pod, and Vengeance missiles from my Whirlwind, I took out massive chunks of his Boyz.

My Terminators didn't arrive until turn four, which was much too late at that point to do anything.

It wasn't enough though. My eventual doom was handed to me by Ghazghkull Thraka and a squad of whatever the Ork version of Terminators are called.

Matt was able to capture two of the three objectives on the field and win the game.

Terminators arrive too late. The battle is lost.

I really don't think I'll be doing another league or tournament again until they update the Space Marines codex to be at least somewhat viable. I blame the majority of my losses on the current edition for being so underpowered. It's annoying, really.

I have two make up games to do this week, so hopefully I can find time to fit those into my schedule. There's a pizza party on August 9th, and I think my team will only be celebrating how terribly we lost. At least I was named our team champion though!

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