Review: Kill Team

Probably one of the most fun arcade games I've played in a while, I must hand it to THQ that this was better than expected.

The game itself is an odd mix of 40K and third-person shooter. The controls take only a few minutes to adapt to, and after that you're ready to go.

The leveling system is easy enough. The more points you accumulate by killing creatures or destroying things, the more stuff you unlock or upgrade. You can even replay the previous mission, or any prior missions, with your freshly leveled character.

I'm currently playing as the Librarian, waiting to start the fourth mission once I find the last two tokens on the third which repeatedly escape my perception. I've pretty much unlocked everything for my character already.

The only complaints I can really come up with are that there's only five missions in total, no online co-op, and frequently bad camera angles. But for $9.99, you get your money's worth - especially considering it unlocks the power sword in the upcoming Space Marine game.

Score: 4/5

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