Practice Makes Imperfect

My team wasn't able to play this week due to our scheduled opponents having to battle their opponents from last week. I guess they went to Canada for vacation so they weren't around to partake in the previous round.

However, I still got a throwdown game in tonight against one of the judges: Dorian and his Space Wolves. Have I mentioned how much I hate Space Wolves?

Despite not being a Summer League match, we still used this week's scenario rules so I could practice for my match. The rules were odd, to say the least: Pitched Battle, Kill Points, and factoring Victory Points and other score modifiers.

Regardless, Dorian absolutely creamed my army.

He fielded Logan Grimnar, Njal Stormcaller, a squad of Terminators, a Venerable Dreadnought, and two Drop Pods packed with Wolf Guard Terminators.

With that many 2+ saves, all with invulnerables, you can imagine just how badly things went for me.

Things that make a grown man cry!

Scouts never stood a chance...

Dreadnought vs Venerable Dreadnought.

On the plus side, I was able to kill both Njal and Logan, and one of his Wolf Guard Terminator squads. But I won't deny his kills far outweighed whatever casualties I could inflict upon him.

It was a fun game. The majority of my rolls were horrendously bad, once again. Hope this will help my tactics for my upcoming battle.

Oh, and I also bought four mini-dice, which will make for excellent wound counters. They're roughly half the size of GW's standard D6, and red, so they won't be confused with anything else, and they're small enough to blend in unlike most fat, ugly dice blocks do next to models. I'm also contemplating getting a few D3s too, but unfortunately I've only seen them online.

Until next time!

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