Help is on the Way

Went to the Whiz today to vote for my model in the Summer League, and there was a $10 certificate waiting for me there. I immediately decided to use it to buy a second Drop Pod.

My list of 40K projects is getting pretty long now. And that's not a good thing.

I often warn newcomers to the hobby that it's easy to overwhelm yourself. And right now, I'm not exactly motivated. Plus I've been rather busy.

Some of my current projects.

My list of in-the-works projects:
01) Super-secret project.
02) Second Drop Pod.
03) Two meltagun Marines.
04) Terminator Librarian.
05) Regular Terminator.
06) Land Raider Crusader.
07) Planetary Empires tiles.
08) Cities of Death buildings.
09) Haunted forest terrain piece.
10) The broken Aquila terrain piece.
11) Over a dozen barricades and walls.
12) Numerous craters and assorted terrain pieces.

I don't regret buying or starting any of these projects though. They're very much needed.

The second Drop Pod is essential, as are the meltagun Marines, my secret project and Terminator Librarian. My army is lacking these things, and they would help so much.

Terrain can wait for now, but the actual army projects need to be finished soon. But like I said, motivation is such an issue.

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