Feuer Frei

My scheduled opponent wasn't available to battle for the league tonight, so instead I faced a new non-League player: Tim.

Tim has a beautifully painted Tau army, and I mean it is gorgeous. The color scheme plays on blues, and he added so many freehand details to his models such as stripes and electricity bolts. Great skills.

Shortly after deployment.
Stealth Suits fired eighteen shots but inflicted only one casualty.
Sandwiching his forces.
My Drop Pod contesting the objective (circled).

I won the game, 1-0. I knew I had the game once I realized his tactic of deploy in a corner and form a spearhead of tanks shielding his troops. All I had to do was approach him from three angles, dividing his firepower and making him unable to avoid my units in melee. Initially, I was attacking him from four angles, but my Dreadnought that arrived via Drop Pod behind his army died shortly after inflicting only one casualty.

Overall, it was a really good game. Tim's a great player and very fun to play against.

Somehow I need to make up my Summer League match this week before Tuesday, but I have work almost every day and I'll be gone for most of Saturday. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Until next time!

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