Round Four: Nothing

The Summer League isn't going well for my team. At all. We have yet to win a single match. The closest we've come to winning is a tie I had with my opponent in the first round.

We officially suck. And last night's game fared no better for me.

Just after deployment, I stole the initiative!

I was eradicating my opponent Matt's Orks in the first few turns, but eventually my army lost steam and my rolls began to fail me.

Using flamers, a heavy flamer on a deep-striking Dreadnought, orbital bombardment, Deathwind missile launcher on my Drop Pod, and Vengeance missiles from my Whirlwind, I took out massive chunks of his Boyz.

My Terminators didn't arrive until turn four, which was much too late at that point to do anything.

It wasn't enough though. My eventual doom was handed to me by Ghazghkull Thraka and a squad of whatever the Ork version of Terminators are called.

Matt was able to capture two of the three objectives on the field and win the game.

Terminators arrive too late. The battle is lost.

I really don't think I'll be doing another league or tournament again until they update the Space Marines codex to be at least somewhat viable. I blame the majority of my losses on the current edition for being so underpowered. It's annoying, really.

I have two make up games to do this week, so hopefully I can find time to fit those into my schedule. There's a pizza party on August 9th, and I think my team will only be celebrating how terribly we lost. At least I was named our team champion though!


Help is on the Way

Went to the Whiz today to vote for my model in the Summer League, and there was a $10 certificate waiting for me there. I immediately decided to use it to buy a second Drop Pod.

My list of 40K projects is getting pretty long now. And that's not a good thing.

I often warn newcomers to the hobby that it's easy to overwhelm yourself. And right now, I'm not exactly motivated. Plus I've been rather busy.

Some of my current projects.

My list of in-the-works projects:
01) Super-secret project.
02) Second Drop Pod.
03) Two meltagun Marines.
04) Terminator Librarian.
05) Regular Terminator.
06) Land Raider Crusader.
07) Planetary Empires tiles.
08) Cities of Death buildings.
09) Haunted forest terrain piece.
10) The broken Aquila terrain piece.
11) Over a dozen barricades and walls.
12) Numerous craters and assorted terrain pieces.

I don't regret buying or starting any of these projects though. They're very much needed.

The second Drop Pod is essential, as are the meltagun Marines, my secret project and Terminator Librarian. My army is lacking these things, and they would help so much.

Terrain can wait for now, but the actual army projects need to be finished soon. But like I said, motivation is such an issue.


Feuer Frei

My scheduled opponent wasn't available to battle for the league tonight, so instead I faced a new non-League player: Tim.

Tim has a beautifully painted Tau army, and I mean it is gorgeous. The color scheme plays on blues, and he added so many freehand details to his models such as stripes and electricity bolts. Great skills.

Shortly after deployment.
Stealth Suits fired eighteen shots but inflicted only one casualty.
Sandwiching his forces.
My Drop Pod contesting the objective (circled).

I won the game, 1-0. I knew I had the game once I realized his tactic of deploy in a corner and form a spearhead of tanks shielding his troops. All I had to do was approach him from three angles, dividing his firepower and making him unable to avoid my units in melee. Initially, I was attacking him from four angles, but my Dreadnought that arrived via Drop Pod behind his army died shortly after inflicting only one casualty.

Overall, it was a really good game. Tim's a great player and very fun to play against.

Somehow I need to make up my Summer League match this week before Tuesday, but I have work almost every day and I'll be gone for most of Saturday. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Until next time!


Review: Kill Team

Probably one of the most fun arcade games I've played in a while, I must hand it to THQ that this was better than expected.

The game itself is an odd mix of 40K and third-person shooter. The controls take only a few minutes to adapt to, and after that you're ready to go.

The leveling system is easy enough. The more points you accumulate by killing creatures or destroying things, the more stuff you unlock or upgrade. You can even replay the previous mission, or any prior missions, with your freshly leveled character.

I'm currently playing as the Librarian, waiting to start the fourth mission once I find the last two tokens on the third which repeatedly escape my perception. I've pretty much unlocked everything for my character already.

The only complaints I can really come up with are that there's only five missions in total, no online co-op, and frequently bad camera angles. But for $9.99, you get your money's worth - especially considering it unlocks the power sword in the upcoming Space Marine game.

Score: 4/5


Round Three: Fall Back

Once again, my camera's batteries died, so I have but only one picture to post. And it's not even that good.

The blue circles and crater represented Drop Pod explosions.
I faced a Black Templar army this week. My opponent, Tyler, was once again a fantastic enemy to battle against. Very fun and I look forward to facing him again.

The rules of this week's scenario were very odd. Basically, every piece of terrain was an objective, and any unit had to be wholly within or atop it in order for it to be captured (or contested). There were other factors too, like keeping your HQs alive and destroying your opponent's most expensive unit.

At first, I was leading. With my army fully deployed and positioned, Tyler's Drop Pods were always landing in my kill zones. But then Lady Luck decided I wasn't attractive enough for her, and my rolls became horrendously bad. Yup, I caught the "all ones and twos" bug. Around turn three is when the table flipped, and Tyler had the upper hand. He soon wiped out my forces with his Terminators.

I lost so miserably, I won't even disclose the score.

Alright, I will. It ended at 30-9. Yeah, it was that bad.

I did, however, come in third place (officially) in the painting competition with my Whirlwind. So yay for me on that.

In creativity news, I've also begun writing the names of my characters on their bases in white. So far so good. I really dig having my own chapter with my own characters and fluff. The only downside is I named my Librarian as Dante, which is also the name of the Blood Angels' infamous Chaplain. People are starting to pick up on the Red Dragons name though.

Oh well. Hopefully I'll do better next week.


Practice Makes Imperfect

My team wasn't able to play this week due to our scheduled opponents having to battle their opponents from last week. I guess they went to Canada for vacation so they weren't around to partake in the previous round.

However, I still got a throwdown game in tonight against one of the judges: Dorian and his Space Wolves. Have I mentioned how much I hate Space Wolves?

Despite not being a Summer League match, we still used this week's scenario rules so I could practice for my match. The rules were odd, to say the least: Pitched Battle, Kill Points, and factoring Victory Points and other score modifiers.

Regardless, Dorian absolutely creamed my army.

He fielded Logan Grimnar, Njal Stormcaller, a squad of Terminators, a Venerable Dreadnought, and two Drop Pods packed with Wolf Guard Terminators.

With that many 2+ saves, all with invulnerables, you can imagine just how badly things went for me.

Things that make a grown man cry!

Scouts never stood a chance...

Dreadnought vs Venerable Dreadnought.

On the plus side, I was able to kill both Njal and Logan, and one of his Wolf Guard Terminator squads. But I won't deny his kills far outweighed whatever casualties I could inflict upon him.

It was a fun game. The majority of my rolls were horrendously bad, once again. Hope this will help my tactics for my upcoming battle.

Oh, and I also bought four mini-dice, which will make for excellent wound counters. They're roughly half the size of GW's standard D6, and red, so they won't be confused with anything else, and they're small enough to blend in unlike most fat, ugly dice blocks do next to models. I'm also contemplating getting a few D3s too, but unfortunately I've only seen them online.

Until next time!