Round One: Fight!

Summer League kicked off this week and I signed up without hesitation. In a bit of a paradox, we have more participants but less teams than last time; but it can attributed to the rules changing to allow up to four players per team. My teammates are Jack (Daemons) and Dan (Chaos Marines).

Unfortunately my match was postponed and we had to reschedule it for earlier tonight. On the bright side, my match ended in a draw. In truth, I would've won had it not been for my Land Speeder falling short a friggin' inch from contesting an objective.

I have to admit, I love playing against a fully painted army. My opponent, Sam, was an excellent sportsman and avid player, fielding Chaos Marines (painted as Iron Warriors).

Pictures of the match:
Majority of his force, clustered around the objective.
Infiltrating seemed like a good idea at the time.
Both objectives held, a melee in the center.
An inch away from victory.
Somewhere around the third turn I got lucky as I vaporized Sam's Chaos Lord with a lascannon shot before it could reinforce an ongoing assault against my Marines.

I must also point out that Sergeant Alistair was able to kill a Possessed model with a single bolt pistol shot while voluntarily falling back from a close combat with a Defiler.

Great game. I had some absolutely horrendous rolls but I'll gladly accept a tie over a loss. Next week's league match should be interesting. Until then!

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