Game Over, Man

Made it to the Whiz tonight, and I had a damn good game. I lost, but it was so close. My opponent was fielding Chaos Marines. He hadn't played 40K in roughly five years, he said, so he was a bit rusty.

Mission was Annihilation. Deployment was Spearhead. I got first turn.

My trusty Drop Pod and Dreadnought arrive.
My Dreadnought took out both a five-man squad and a Defiler!
"Brace for impact!"

I must make a few quick notes about this game, because some pretty cool stuff happened.

First, my Dreadnought took out five Chaos Marines (one of which had a meltagun) in two rounds of melee without suffering any damage. Then, on the following turn, the Dreadnought's assault cannon opened fire on the Defiler's side armor, penetrated it and caused it to explode!

Second, after 10 Khorne Berserkers shredded the majority of my 10-man tactical squad, my Chapter Master and retinue charged them and wrecked house.

And third, my opponent's Rhino was unstoppable. I fired at least seven lascannon and five krak missile shots into it. The only thing closest to a real damage result I was able to achieve was a friggin' weapon destroyed. To make matters worse, after it unloaded its Berserker cargo, it was used on the last turn to ram my immobilized and weaponless Land Speeder, making an easy kill point to win my opponent the game!

I believe my opponent's name was Ryan. I look forward to playing him again. I led the match by about two kill points above him until the last two turns, where he was able to make three kills with some incredible luck and unexpected-yet-brilliant tactical decisions. We ended at 5-4 KPs. Insane.

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