Break the Chains

The last two weeks I haven't been to the Whiz for a game. Sorry folks. I'll be there tomorrow though, ready to throw down. And I'm going to try to be early, because the very last time I went the place was packed.

The new summer league starts June 21st, roughly two weeks from now. I'll be joining this one for sure. I don't think Jesse or Erica will have finished painting their armies by then, so I'm looking for a partner. Shouldn't be too difficult to find one.

In other news, I started boringly painting my Land Raider Crusader but stopped after sudden inspiration hit me. I won't say yet what my new super-secret project is, but I'm painting it now and it's actually pretty close to being done. I'll give you a hint: it's in memory of one of my heroes.

Oh, and I am absolutely pumped for the Space Marine and Kill Team video games. I'll be getting both for the Xbox 360.

Since Kill Team unlocks the power sword in Space Marine, I'm going to pre-order Space Marine from Walmart so I can also get the golden bolter for it. How sweet would that look?

On a side note, despite it being unnoticeable for the most part, my blog has received a few upgrades and enhancements in certain areas. It's all behind the scenes stuff, but it betters the site overall.

I'll make a post tomorrow or later this week with the results of tomorrow's game.

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