Round Two: Winning Isn't Everything

To begin with, I must apologize for my late post. I've been putting this post off for a couple days now because I had to rethink the events of the night and put them into perspective before reporting them.

For starters, my Chaplain tied for third place in the painting competition. Sort of. He actually placed fourth because his competitor had a painted base and knocked him out of the top three bracket. I can understand, to an extent. Overall, sure, the other model was about the same quality but with a done-up base.

However, they never notified us that bases would be a factor of the painting competition. And I refuse to paint or decorate my bases. It's not a matter of laziness or lack of creativity, I just feel like the bases better represent the model's shadow. Black matches everything, from volcanic lava fields to snowy plains. I don't want to put grass on a base and have him play a desert game. Does this make sense?

I also don't want to take away from the model. The black base makes the model itself stand out more, like a picture frame would for a painting. I like that.

But I will not put down those who do their bases. It's a matter of preference, and if someone wants to do it, go for it.

My biggest issue is the summer league's main rule is all models must be fully painted. They made no mention of the basing. So I was clearly not expecting to be downgraded because of my choice in modeling.

And to add to the frustration of it, it seems rather lazy or cheap on the organizers' part to not accept a draw. It's not like I came in first or even second.

But anyway, had I been a judge, I would've chosen the other kid's model as well. Honestly I think his was better to begin with and I'm amazed I "tied" with him. I just wish they informed us that bases would be considered in painting score.

The games themselves went pretty bad. Dan and Jack lost (they did last week, too). I lost, and had probably one of the worst games I've played in a while. Tactically, I did well. Rolling, I did even better. My opponent, however, brought a tournament mindset to the event which wasn't fun at all.

It was my understanding that the summer league is about two things: having fun playing 40K in a pseudo-competitive series of games, and fielding fully painted armies. Last week's game was fun. I rolled almost all ones and twos, but I had a good time doing it.

The whole "win at all costs" mentality is the reason I stray from tournaments. I like to win, but I don't mind losing either. I play this game for fun, not for anything else. I know most people assume I play 40K for the chicks, but I can assure you it's for the laughs.

Regardless, the end score was 12-9 (KP). I did pretty well but fell short. Oh well.

We'll see how next week's game goes. Hopefully it's a better experience. So far I'm contemplating not joining the next league.


Round One: Fight!

Summer League kicked off this week and I signed up without hesitation. In a bit of a paradox, we have more participants but less teams than last time; but it can attributed to the rules changing to allow up to four players per team. My teammates are Jack (Daemons) and Dan (Chaos Marines).

Unfortunately my match was postponed and we had to reschedule it for earlier tonight. On the bright side, my match ended in a draw. In truth, I would've won had it not been for my Land Speeder falling short a friggin' inch from contesting an objective.

I have to admit, I love playing against a fully painted army. My opponent, Sam, was an excellent sportsman and avid player, fielding Chaos Marines (painted as Iron Warriors).

Pictures of the match:
Majority of his force, clustered around the objective.
Infiltrating seemed like a good idea at the time.
Both objectives held, a melee in the center.
An inch away from victory.
Somewhere around the third turn I got lucky as I vaporized Sam's Chaos Lord with a lascannon shot before it could reinforce an ongoing assault against my Marines.

I must also point out that Sergeant Alistair was able to kill a Possessed model with a single bolt pistol shot while voluntarily falling back from a close combat with a Defiler.

Great game. I had some absolutely horrendous rolls but I'll gladly accept a tie over a loss. Next week's league match should be interesting. Until then!


Game Over, Man

Made it to the Whiz tonight, and I had a damn good game. I lost, but it was so close. My opponent was fielding Chaos Marines. He hadn't played 40K in roughly five years, he said, so he was a bit rusty.

Mission was Annihilation. Deployment was Spearhead. I got first turn.

My trusty Drop Pod and Dreadnought arrive.
My Dreadnought took out both a five-man squad and a Defiler!
"Brace for impact!"

I must make a few quick notes about this game, because some pretty cool stuff happened.

First, my Dreadnought took out five Chaos Marines (one of which had a meltagun) in two rounds of melee without suffering any damage. Then, on the following turn, the Dreadnought's assault cannon opened fire on the Defiler's side armor, penetrated it and caused it to explode!

Second, after 10 Khorne Berserkers shredded the majority of my 10-man tactical squad, my Chapter Master and retinue charged them and wrecked house.

And third, my opponent's Rhino was unstoppable. I fired at least seven lascannon and five krak missile shots into it. The only thing closest to a real damage result I was able to achieve was a friggin' weapon destroyed. To make matters worse, after it unloaded its Berserker cargo, it was used on the last turn to ram my immobilized and weaponless Land Speeder, making an easy kill point to win my opponent the game!

I believe my opponent's name was Ryan. I look forward to playing him again. I led the match by about two kill points above him until the last two turns, where he was able to make three kills with some incredible luck and unexpected-yet-brilliant tactical decisions. We ended at 5-4 KPs. Insane.


Break the Chains

The last two weeks I haven't been to the Whiz for a game. Sorry folks. I'll be there tomorrow though, ready to throw down. And I'm going to try to be early, because the very last time I went the place was packed.

The new summer league starts June 21st, roughly two weeks from now. I'll be joining this one for sure. I don't think Jesse or Erica will have finished painting their armies by then, so I'm looking for a partner. Shouldn't be too difficult to find one.

In other news, I started boringly painting my Land Raider Crusader but stopped after sudden inspiration hit me. I won't say yet what my new super-secret project is, but I'm painting it now and it's actually pretty close to being done. I'll give you a hint: it's in memory of one of my heroes.

Oh, and I am absolutely pumped for the Space Marine and Kill Team video games. I'll be getting both for the Xbox 360.

Since Kill Team unlocks the power sword in Space Marine, I'm going to pre-order Space Marine from Walmart so I can also get the golden bolter for it. How sweet would that look?

On a side note, despite it being unnoticeable for the most part, my blog has received a few upgrades and enhancements in certain areas. It's all behind the scenes stuff, but it betters the site overall.

I'll make a post tomorrow or later this week with the results of tomorrow's game.