Never Despair

Tonight's game was too close for comfort. Yes, I won, which is fantastic because now I've won more games than I've lost (see Battle Tally); but it was barely won.

To start with, I think this was my first game against Space Wolves since their redone codex. A lot of people are saying Space Wolves are overpowered. They also said that about Blood Angels and Imperial Guard.

The Blood Angels are a fair challenge to me, but I can beat them. With the Imperial Guard, I'm going to have to agree they're a bit overpowered. The Space Wolves, on the other hand, are undoubtedly the most overpowered force I've ever seen!

Space Wolves and Imperial Guard are the only forces I've faced so far that are stupidly overpowered. I really don't want to play either of them again, unless it's a mega-battle or team game.

I don't remember too many specifics of his 2,000-point force, but I believe it was comprised of three or four Wolf Priests, a few squads of Grey Hunters in Rhinos, a Drop Pod with more Grey Hunters, two squads of Long Fangs (mostly with missile launchers), a Dreadnought, a squad of three Thunderwolves, a single Thunderwolf, and a squad of scouts.

In absolute honesty, if we weren't playing objectives (with a Dawn of War deployment), he would've tabled me with ease. I also lucked out by destroying his Rhinos early on.

Red Dragons versus red Space Wolves?!

Thankfully, in the last turn, his only Troops choice within 3" of the objective marker was falling back. I won by a technicality, 1-0.

Unfortunately my camera's batteries died at the beginning of turn two, so I didn't really get any pictures tonight. Next time I'll be sure to bring spares!

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