For the Emperor

Tonight's game of 40K went much better than anticipated. It's been a while since I've won a match, and even longer since I've inflicted such a crushing defeat.


I only managed to take pictures of the deployment tonight. Not entirely sure why; I think it was because of how messy the table became shortly after starting.

Basically, there were five objectives on the table, and we ended at 3-1. Both of our lists were experimental and new, and only 1,500pts.

I'd never used a Rhino before, but I must say I definitely enjoy the shielding and mobility it provides to my infantry.

On the first turn, I fired my Predator at Jesse's Defiler, destroying its battle cannon and immobilizing it. On the second turn, I blew off its reaper autocannon. On the third turn, the walker got wrecked.

Tonight was the first time he had fielded a Greater Daemon too. It arrived early (second turn) and destroyed a Dreadnought and a Land Speeder.

His Daemon Prince and Abaddon, however, weren't as lucky. While the Daemon Prince did manage to take out my Chapter Master and retinue in melee, the rest of my forces tore through them with gunfire.

In truth, I had wiped out most of his forces. By turn five, an onlooker noted that "the table looks pretty red."

Overall, I'm quite happy with my tactics.

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