I Bring the Suffering

My luck has to run out pretty soon because, for the second week in a row, I won tonight's game by tabling my opponent.

Although, I have to clarify a few things first. My opponent, Tobin, was fielding Blood Angels. And it was his first game of Warhammer 40,000. However, he's migrating to 40K from Warmachine, so he has a pretty good grasp already of how tabletop games work.

This was my first game using Captain Killmatic. To my surprise, he managed to absolutely tear through Tobin's 10-man Assault Squad and most of a 5-man Tactical Squad before finally going down from a Librarian's force staff.

And I finally managed to battle the new Stormraven unit too. When all was said and done, though, the Stormraven was shaken, shaken, and then blew up without doing so much as move halfway across the board. Shame, really. It did drop a Furioso Dreadnought onto the table after, though.

Different angles tell the story best.

The only real flaw I saw in his tactics was how he deep struck his reserves. He had a squad of Death Company and a squad of Sanguinary Guard in reserve, and they came in on different turns. Well, actually, both came in the same turn, but one scattered into impassable terrain and misshapped, luckily getting a 'delayed' result. Regardless, he dropped the squads right into the middle of my forces. While this is usually a good tactic for something like my Dreadnought in a Drop Pod, his melee-oriented squads were unable to assault, making them sitting ducks to my entire army's fire power.

And so, they didn't last more than a turn each. I explained to him after that - since they have jump packs - they could've deep struck behind some kind of cover that hid them (like a building wall), and then moved up to 12" and assaulted another 6" on his next turn.

It was a good game overall though. And he went down like a true trooper and not a sore loser.


Sweet Dreams

Today will go down in my personal history as the first, and possibly only, time I have ever tabled someone. Not only did I table my opponent, but he fielded Chaos Marines - a faction I've always struggled to defeat.


Sniper squad Zodiac managed to wreck a Rhino!

Burn, heretics!

Enemy neutralized.

It was an annihilation match, too. The end score was 9-1. My only loss being my scout squad, which was massacred by my opponent's Chaos Lord.

I celebrated by buying some terrain pieces for my table. I hope to get started on them later tonight. Until next time!


Throw Down

Last night's game was a fun one, against one of my favorite opponents: Rob and his Witch Hunters. It was great seeing him again, as he's rarely able to make it to games. Always a good time when he's there though.

Spearhead deployment.


Highlights of the game were:
-Rob destroying my Dreadnought after it took out a chunk of his Battle Sisters.
-Saint Celestine assaulting my Chapter Master and retinue, inflicting only two casualties, and then Commander Shinra striking back and cutting her down. Adding insult to injury, she failed her leadership roll and was permanently removed from the game!

After all was said and done, it ended it a tie. I look forward to playing him again.


For the Emperor

Tonight's game of 40K went much better than anticipated. It's been a while since I've won a match, and even longer since I've inflicted such a crushing defeat.


I only managed to take pictures of the deployment tonight. Not entirely sure why; I think it was because of how messy the table became shortly after starting.

Basically, there were five objectives on the table, and we ended at 3-1. Both of our lists were experimental and new, and only 1,500pts.

I'd never used a Rhino before, but I must say I definitely enjoy the shielding and mobility it provides to my infantry.

On the first turn, I fired my Predator at Jesse's Defiler, destroying its battle cannon and immobilizing it. On the second turn, I blew off its reaper autocannon. On the third turn, the walker got wrecked.

Tonight was the first time he had fielded a Greater Daemon too. It arrived early (second turn) and destroyed a Dreadnought and a Land Speeder.

His Daemon Prince and Abaddon, however, weren't as lucky. While the Daemon Prince did manage to take out my Chapter Master and retinue in melee, the rest of my forces tore through them with gunfire.

In truth, I had wiped out most of his forces. By turn five, an onlooker noted that "the table looks pretty red."

Overall, I'm quite happy with my tactics.