I managed to get a game in tonight of 40K, but I was so, so rusty. I wrote up a 1250pts list to battle an Orks army, and while I did lose the game, I feel confident in the list - it was just astonishingly poor dice rolling that led to my force's demise.

A lucky glance destroyed my Whirlwind's main weapon.
I was able to kill many, but was still overrun.
I didn't use Drop Pod Assault and suffered for it.
But, I was still able to kill a bunch of Orks with my Dreadnought
(see large empty space).

By turn four I was pretty much tabled. The linchpin to my tactics was the Whirlwind, and since it got destroyed in the first turn before I even had a chance to fire it, I knew I was pretty much doomed from there on. However, I refused to go down without a fight, and tried to kill as many of the Orks as I could.

On a separate topic, my terrain is coming along rather well, I think. I have a few pictures here of my completed Icarus-pattern lascannon.

While at the Whiz tonight, I was able to see first-hand the new Grey Knights models for the Stormraven and Dreadknight. I must say, the Stormraven looks meh, but the Dreadknight is awesome. Also, Dorian was kind enough to order pizzas to mark the end of the winter league.

I, for one, cannot wait for the summer league and any campaigns. One thing I really love to do is embellish my models with medals and icons won from participating in lengthy campaigns. Recently I've also found an interest in "scarring" my vehicles, which is essentially displaying battle damage.

I've still got a quad-gun to paint, as well as the Land Raider Crusader. Might also do some more finishing touches on the crashed Aquila Lander.

Until next time!


Learn to Crawl

With only an hour remaining until game time, I finished painting my Rhino. Unfortunately, it never saw the battlefield because I used a previous army list in a match.

Next up in the painting queue is the Land Raider Crusader. I'm both excited yet wary of starting such a project. It's roughly twice the size of a Rhino, with many more details. Should be a challenge.

Tonight's game was an interesting one: not taken seriously and incredibly lax on any formalities. Rather than playing Jesse's Chaos Marines, I faced Erica using Jesse's Chaos Marines. Apparently she hadn't built enough of her Tyranids to play with them but still wanted to experience a demo.

I did warn her early on that she should buy only a few units at a time, build and paint them, then get more. Otherwise people can easily overwhelm themselves.

However, for her first game, she did pretty good. Jesse was there to help her with rules and guidance, which seemed helpful.

Our match ended in a draw, with no sure victor in sight. After the match had been called, we continued a melee between a Daemon Prince and my Commander and Chaplain. It went on for a few rounds, but eventually my tag-teaming HQs managed to slay the monstrous creature.

Hopefully next week she'll have her own models built so she can play them. We shall see.


War Never Changes

Yes, it's been a while since I last made an update. Why, you ask? Because popularity and infamy have a price. With my last post, a now defunct link to the leaked playtest copy of the Grey Knights codex, my blog skyrocketed to the top of the Warhammer 40,000 blogosphere. I achieved several thousand hits in a matter of hours.

While I certainly don't mind the amount of visitors, it was too much, too soon. I don't want my claim to fame being based on a matter of a lucky find. I would rather have my site's popularity be a gradual one.

None the less, with the leaked codex taken down, and the Black Boxes hitting local gaming stores with physical copies, it's time for me to get back to doing what I originally intended to do on here.

My life has been rather hectic lately, so I have not been able to get in a match of 40K in a few weeks. However, I have been painting quite a bit. I've been working on my Rhino and some terrain pieces: the quad-gun and Icarus-pattern lascannon.

All are nearly complete, and I look forward to using my Rhino in next week's match. I don't have any images right now to post, but I'm sure to get some for the next one. Until then!