Let It Die

Finally, my losing streak has ended. To be fair, I didn't win, but I definitely didn't lose either.

In a 2,000-point objectives match against Chaos Marines, I managed to pull off a draw. I would've won, actually, but the sole Marine holding an objective managed to overheat his plasma gun in the final turn.

The highlight of the battle was Abaddon with a retinue of Chaos Terminators deep striking into the middle of my army at the beginning of turn five. However, being unable to assault, my entire army unleashed all of their firepower onto them, decimating all in a single shooting phase.

It was awesome.

In the end, two objectives went unclaimed, one was contested, one held by my opponent, and one held by myself.

All in all I felt it was a good game. One that I've needed for a while now. Hopefully next time I'll win. If not, I'll just keep trying!

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