Grey Knights 2011

For those of you seeking a very low-quality leak of the upcoming Grey Knights codex, here you go:

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for its leak, nor did I upload it. I just stumbled across it and am making note of its whereabouts.


Let It Die

Finally, my losing streak has ended. To be fair, I didn't win, but I definitely didn't lose either.

In a 2,000-point objectives match against Chaos Marines, I managed to pull off a draw. I would've won, actually, but the sole Marine holding an objective managed to overheat his plasma gun in the final turn.

The highlight of the battle was Abaddon with a retinue of Chaos Terminators deep striking into the middle of my army at the beginning of turn five. However, being unable to assault, my entire army unleashed all of their firepower onto them, decimating all in a single shooting phase.

It was awesome.

In the end, two objectives went unclaimed, one was contested, one held by my opponent, and one held by myself.

All in all I felt it was a good game. One that I've needed for a while now. Hopefully next time I'll win. If not, I'll just keep trying!


Destroy Their Armor

Unbeknownst to me, last night was the opening night of the winter league at the Whiz. Not being able to afford the $30 buy-in, I wasn't able to join but I did sit in on the rules and aspects of the league.

It honestly seems like a great event, but I just can't afford it right now. If they do a summer league, which I'm betting they will, I'll certainly join it if I can.

I did manage to get a game in, though, and I lost miserably. Lately, I've just been getting mowed down, and I've been making terrible tactical decisions. In my earlier games I'd forget a special rule or build a terrible list. Now I'm just making stupid deployments and moves.

I won't lie, there's a lot on my mind these past couple months and it's definitely affecting my tactics.

But anyway, my opponent fielded Imperial Guard, which I absolutely despise. It's not that I think they're unbeatable, but I believe them to be generally overpowered. And I base this not on math-hammer or the unit entries, but by experience playing them.

However, I don't turn down offers to throw down, so I gave it my all and was tabled by turn five.

The two mistakes I made were:
Not keeping my Terminators in reserve
and deep striking them.
Spreading my army out too much. My
Devastators saw little to no action.
The Annihilation match ended something like 7-3, I think, and it was just bad on my part. I really don't have an anti-IG list, and I need to work on that. Even my anti-Marines list could use some work. I guess I'm just best at building an anti-horde force.

When it comes to destroying vehicles, or monstrous creatures, I just can't seem to do it.