No Rest for the Wicked

I went to the Whiz tonight, for the first time in probably a month. I've just been so busy with work, home life, etcetera, that I haven't been able to get down there. Unfortunately, I was a half hour late, which makes all the difference there, and all the players were already engaged in battles. Dammit.

Rhino in the chop shop!
Progress has finally been made on the Rhino. I have managed an undercoat of Mechrite Red on the body, and started applying Blood Red over it. At this rate, it should be completed rather quickly. I've primed the Land Raider Crusader, but I want to save a task that big for later.

My biggest problem right now is the blizzard that just started hitting my area about two hours ago. I know, being snowed in sounds beneficial, but in reality it means I have to wake up earlier to shovel my car out, leave for work sooner so I won't be late, and I'll be late coming home.

Basically, I won't be able to continue working on my transports until probably Friday. I know I definitely won't have either of them done for next Tuesday, but I'll still be going to 40K night just because I'm craving a game.

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