Homebrew: Collateral Damage

I've played a pretty good amount of Planetstrike and Cities of Death matches, and although I love the ability to destroy buildings and bunkers, I feel it's iffy in normal games.

Typically, I find myself presuming that buildings and bunkers are permanent terrain in a regular game, but sometimes about halfway through the battle while my opponent observes the field he'll ask the question, "Can we target buildings?"

Most of the time, my answer is no. Such an ability could have drastically changed the battle, for better or worse, by that point, and there's no going back to previous turns.

However, I have concocted a homebrew rule that I like to call "Collateral Damage". Basically, you can not target buildings, bunkers, ruins, or barricades, but if a blast weapon of any kind scatters onto them, you roll for structure damage as normal (providing the weapon is strong enough to glance or penetrate).

I feel it's a comfortable compromise between regular games and Cities of Death. Give it a try!

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