Everything Dies

Last night was my first time playing at the Whiz in over a month. And suffice to say, I was incredibly rusty and got tabled by turn six.

However, I am now aware of my mistakes in the match.

It was a 2v2 3,000-points match. Loyalists versus traitors. We lucked out and didn't get a Dawn of War deployment, and it was annihilation to make things better.

My teammate (using the Space Wolves codex) brought only a couple handfuls of models, mostly Terminators and a few Marines.

I had my army in full array, as usual. I enjoy having numbers more than anything, which is relatively odd for a Space Marines army.

In retrospect, the only stupid mistake I made was deploying all of my shooting forces behind buildings, so the Chaos Marines could freely march up the field. Another mistake I made was not putting my Commander into a squad but leaving him on his own. And finally, the biggest mistake I think I made, was taking him as a Captain rather than a Chapter Master. The Orbital Bombardment would've been extremely useful in this match.

In "luck of the dice" terms, my Commander repeatedly assaulted a Chaos Vindicator with melta bombs, to no avail. However, an enemy attempted to tank shock him, and I successfully declared a Death or Glory, stopping the approaching Rhino in its tracks just in time, which was pretty cool.

Other than that, not much else really happened. Hopefully next time will be a better performance on my part. I'll make sure to get plenty of sleep the night prior.

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  1. I have a horde space marine army as well, can't claim it does well. Certainly hasn't outperformed my Deathwing. But, I love putting all ten squads on the table, since it's a ridiculous amount of power armor.