Everything Dies

Last night was my first time playing at the Whiz in over a month. And suffice to say, I was incredibly rusty and got tabled by turn six.

However, I am now aware of my mistakes in the match.

It was a 2v2 3,000-points match. Loyalists versus traitors. We lucked out and didn't get a Dawn of War deployment, and it was annihilation to make things better.

My teammate (using the Space Wolves codex) brought only a couple handfuls of models, mostly Terminators and a few Marines.

I had my army in full array, as usual. I enjoy having numbers more than anything, which is relatively odd for a Space Marines army.

In retrospect, the only stupid mistake I made was deploying all of my shooting forces behind buildings, so the Chaos Marines could freely march up the field. Another mistake I made was not putting my Commander into a squad but leaving him on his own. And finally, the biggest mistake I think I made, was taking him as a Captain rather than a Chapter Master. The Orbital Bombardment would've been extremely useful in this match.

In "luck of the dice" terms, my Commander repeatedly assaulted a Chaos Vindicator with melta bombs, to no avail. However, an enemy attempted to tank shock him, and I successfully declared a Death or Glory, stopping the approaching Rhino in its tracks just in time, which was pretty cool.

Other than that, not much else really happened. Hopefully next time will be a better performance on my part. I'll make sure to get plenty of sleep the night prior.


Homebrew: Collateral Damage

I've played a pretty good amount of Planetstrike and Cities of Death matches, and although I love the ability to destroy buildings and bunkers, I feel it's iffy in normal games.

Typically, I find myself presuming that buildings and bunkers are permanent terrain in a regular game, but sometimes about halfway through the battle while my opponent observes the field he'll ask the question, "Can we target buildings?"

Most of the time, my answer is no. Such an ability could have drastically changed the battle, for better or worse, by that point, and there's no going back to previous turns.

However, I have concocted a homebrew rule that I like to call "Collateral Damage". Basically, you can not target buildings, bunkers, ruins, or barricades, but if a blast weapon of any kind scatters onto them, you roll for structure damage as normal (providing the weapon is strong enough to glance or penetrate).

I feel it's a comfortable compromise between regular games and Cities of Death. Give it a try!


No Rest for the Wicked

I went to the Whiz tonight, for the first time in probably a month. I've just been so busy with work, home life, etcetera, that I haven't been able to get down there. Unfortunately, I was a half hour late, which makes all the difference there, and all the players were already engaged in battles. Dammit.

Rhino in the chop shop!
Progress has finally been made on the Rhino. I have managed an undercoat of Mechrite Red on the body, and started applying Blood Red over it. At this rate, it should be completed rather quickly. I've primed the Land Raider Crusader, but I want to save a task that big for later.

My biggest problem right now is the blizzard that just started hitting my area about two hours ago. I know, being snowed in sounds beneficial, but in reality it means I have to wake up earlier to shovel my car out, leave for work sooner so I won't be late, and I'll be late coming home.

Basically, I won't be able to continue working on my transports until probably Friday. I know I definitely won't have either of them done for next Tuesday, but I'll still be going to 40K night just because I'm craving a game.


Analysis: Combi Weapons

First and foremost, we must remember that the combi weapon is a one-time shot. Its special "half" can only be used in a single firing. That being said, single-shot weapons never seem to play in my favor. It's always the shot that rolls a 1 or 2 to hit, or 1 to wound, failing miserably in its only chance to be useful.

I can understand combi weapons from a heroic point of view: Your sergeant is on the field, his squad has taken massive casualties. There's a Killa Kan or Chaos Defiler heading towards him, almost within assault range. He loads his combi-melta, says a final prayer to the God-Emperor, aims and hits. The enemy walker explodes in a devastating blast of metal parts and shrapnel.

But it rarely ever works that way, does it?

Against vehicles, if it hits and glances, you're most likely going to get an immobilized, weapon destroyed, shaken, or stunned result. And at best, if the shot penetrates, you only have a 20-25% chance of wrecking or destroying it.

And don't forget, Chaos vehicles ignore shaken and stunned results, and extra armor on Imperial vehicles counts stunned as shaken. So in reality, you have a very slim chance of turning the tide with a combi shot.

Against infantry, that one plasma or melta shot is usually a waste. Even if it hits and kills, there's still at least half a dozen more guys charging at the squad.

The best combination with combi weapons, in my opinion, is probably putting a combi-flamer on an HQ unit. It auto-hits anything under the template, ignores cover saves, and the HQ can still assault after firing.

Sure, most units will get their armor saves, and it's useless against vehicles, but the potential to inflict more casualties is there. A melta or plasma blast will potentially only kill a single model (or two with a double-tap from a combi-plasma), whereas the flamer could take out four or more (providing their armor saves fail them).

On the other hand... do you really want to equip your HQ primarily with a bolter? You can't even assault after double-tapping! I always take a storm bolter for my Commander, just so he's guaranteed two shots and can still assault. It's a relatively weak weapon, but it's fun to use, especially for only 3 points (combi weapons generally cost 10-15 points, for a shot that will most likely fail you somehow).

They just don't seem worth their cost right now. Maybe if they made them multiple-use in the future they'd be worth taking.


Livin' on a Prayer

After getting myself all pumped up for the tournament today, I wasn't able to make it due to work. To add insult to injury, my Rhino and Land Raider Crusader haven't been touched since my last update.

I'm very disappointed, but I have legitimate reasons for failing in my goals, so I'm content to say it wasn't really any of my own fault. Sometimes there's just third-party factors in a person's life that ruin things. Oh well.

On the other hand, my girlfriend got me an Xbox 360 and it's taken up the majority of my spare time. The plus side, however, is the games I'm currently playing (Battlefield 2142, Borderlands, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Diablo II, Fallout 3, Guild Wars and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows) will refill my creativity and imagination with new unit conversion and terrain ideas.

Hopefully I'll have some better news on my next update.