Review: Ultramarines DVD

To start with, the trailers truly don't do the movie justice. That being said, it's a pretty good movie in what I can only hope to be the first of many.

The good:
The voice acting is very well done. The script seems well written, but with Dan Abnett authoring it I expected no less. The general feel and mood of the environment gave it an authentic "grim, dark" setting which felt very 40K.

The bad:
It's pretty short, running less than 80 minutes. Because of this, the plot felt very simple. The film's pace moved slowly and quietly at first, then to a more "natural" flow, but never really reached a satisfying climax.

And yes, the graphics are sub-par to today's standards (even THQ's short cinematics for the Dawn of War franchise were far superior). The biggest graphical downfall, in my opinion, was the terrain of the planet. It seemed as if they made it a rocky desert to save on the budget it would require to make a lush, colorful world, as if they just made a light brown ground texture and tossed in the occasional oddball rock formation to add scenic "flavor". The terrain gets much better and more detailed once the sign of Chaos is discovered though.

Overall, it's a great movie to watch if you're a fan of 40K, but don't expect anything more than Marines versus Marines... which could get very boring if they continue with this theme.

Score: 5/10

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