O' Death

After a long, long time playing my Assault Squad with the same configuration, I've finally realized its major weakness: lack of a power weapon.

Sergeant Zack
Sure, it holds its own in melee and ties units up for a turn or two, but it doesn't really seem to do much against monstrous creatures or independent characters. And why? Because it had always consisted solely of chainswords.

But not anymore. After some surgery, I removed the sergeant's chainsword and replaced it with a power sword. The conversion was nearly flawless. I always get so nervous doing such operations, but the end result is usually worth it.

Now though, my squad can actually do more damage for an additional 15 points. And yes, I didn't give him a power fist because it's an additional 10 points for what I consider essentially a tar pit unit. Plus I hate power fists.

Tonight I did manage to get a game against Jesse's Chaos Marines though, and our annihilation match ended in a draw. It was a close battle, initially Jesse had the lead by three more kill points than me. The table turned about halfway through, though, and I got some lucky kills.

Oh, and I also earned a $5 gift certificate at the Whiz, so I hope to apply that to a purchase soon too.

Until next week!

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