After a week from Hell (lost my computer, car, and second job), I'm finally back on track. And to make the comeback relatively better I won tonight's game at the Whiz. Unfortunately, I went slightly unprepared and completely forgot to bring my camera.

But here's the details: In a spearhead annihilation match, the Red Dragons went up against a splinter fleet of Tyranids. It was probably one of the best games I've performed in, tactically speaking, in a while.

My opponent brought a Hive Tyrant, Tyrant Guard, Hive Guard, Carnifex, two squads of four Warriors, about two dozen Hormagaunts, and a Death Leaper.

By turn five, I had killed all but three of the Warriors, the Tyrant and its Guard.

Just massed amounts of firepower was my trick, and allocating target priority appropriately.

Right now I'm working on painting up some more sergeants, as I have too many equipped with chainswords. I strongly prefer to play WYSIWYG, and I only have two sergeants that have standard bolters. The other four or five all have bolt pistols and chainswords. One of the models is halfway done, but I'm pretty sure I'll make a couple more just to be safe.

I've been too busy lately to do anymore terrain work, but I still hope to get some of that done soon. I absolutely love terrain, quite possibly more than the actual figures themselves. Once I get free time again, I can guarantee there will be some progression on them.

I'll update again next week (probably).

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