Late last night I finished one of my bolter-wielding sergeants. I got to use him in a game today, which I ended up losing.

It was a 2,000pts match against Black Templars. Their independent characters are seriously nasty units. My real downfall was basically forgetting a bunch of special rules (like my commander's orbital bombardment), and to do certain things (like shoot with my assault squad and charge with them).

Three of my models broke tonight, too. One of my assault marines fell onto the floor, and busted at the torso and his backpack popped off. It was a rather clean break, which was so easy to fix. My Land Speeder Typhoon's antennae snapped off, as well as one of its missile launchers, which sucked, so I had to reattach those. And another Land Speeder's ball socket for the stand broke right down the middle.

I've repaired all of them... I hope. The Land Speeders are my biggest worries, as those are some tough fixes.

Eh, now to work on another sergeant and some other models (Terminators, mostly). I am contemplating getting a Land Raider Crusader though, considering I have $10 worth of gift certificates for the Whiz. Although, I still want to do some terrain in the meantime.

Anyway. We'll see what happens.

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